Welcome and thank you for purchasing “Bloom’s Brew”

“Bloom’s Brew” is a collaboration between myself, Brain Rapp, and Candy Henderson-Schibli of Southeastern Roastery.

Clicking the link below will allow you to download my album, Bloom, and keep it forever.

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now, a bit about your coffee

Your coffee comes from Finca La Maria—a farm in a village called “Vereda Loma del Guamo” in Colombia. I was particularly attracted to this seed because of its origin. Being that I’m from Columbia, Maryland it only made sense to have a coffee from Colombia. The coffee process is washed, meaning that the fruit of the seed is removed prior to drying using water. Brewing this coffee will reveal some notes of nut, chocolate, plum, and cherry with a medium brightness and smooth body.

Your coffee was roasted in Williamsburg, Virginia by the lovely and talented, Candy. Southeastern Roastery was founded in 2016 and is currently building out its first brick-and-mortar location in Riverdale, Maryland. If you would like to help Candy’s business thrive you can donate to her Kickstarter with the button below. Free ways to help support are to follow her on Instagram, recommend your coffee to a friend, and to buy more coffee. “Bloom’s Brew” is just the beginning of her many offerings.

Your purchase means a great deal to me. I’ve been dreaming of combining my love of coffee, music, design, and helping people for a long time. “Bloom’s Brew” is my opportunity to do just that. By buying this bag you’re not only supporting my dream but you’re also helping to support the dream of someone else. I hope that the caffeination this coffee provides helps you stay up that extra hour or focus a little harder on the things you love the most.

Thank you,